Databases and Standards

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Databases of simple (specular) and complex (scattering and light redirecting) materials are maintained and used in our software (Window5, Window6 and Optics5). This data is collected in accordance with national and international standards.

  • The International Glazing Database  (IGDB) is a collection of measured optical data for many specular glazing products such as uncoated and coated glass, laminates and applied films. The programs Window5, Window6 and Optics5 all draw on the IGDB.
  • The Complex Glazing Database or CGDB is a much newer creation. It is slightly misnamed because it will contain not only complex (scattering or light redirecting) glazing but also shading products of various types such as screens and blinds. This database can only be used by Window6 at this time.
  • Relevant NFRC, ASTM, CEN and ISO Standards data is collected in accordance with various standards. There is a process of standards development and harmonization which hopefully will result in a reference to a unified set of procedures for the IGDB and the CGDB.
  • Pre-normative work in this field has been performed in several IEA Tasks in which LBNL has participated. Currently the main activity in this field is conducted by the ICG TC10.