Part 2: Complex glazing ILC 2011


Instructions as well as example files are found in are found in the attachments section below.
box0_6.txt is an example of how a measurement file might look.
box0_reference.txt is an example of how a file describing the reflectance of a calibrated reference sample.

Questions and Answers

Thanks to JB Choi // GRDC, Saint-Gobain Glass Korea (HanGlas) for pointing out the following short-comings:

Q1.     Where EF (emissivity front) should be in the text files? Is IR reflectance which should be in RTF column same with EF?
If both are same, we can put EF in RTF.
A1. Yes, do not repoert emissivity, only IR reflectance and do it in the column RTF

2.     wavelength of sample text file is ended at 2500nm. But you described that wavelength from 300nm to 25000nm should be in same file. Why isn’t wavelength over 2500nm described in the sample text file? Just for convenience? or for any other reason?
A2. I simply forgot. An updated version has been uploaded.

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