Experimental Facilities

The Windows Group has a complete set of optical instruments designed to characterize the detailed radiometric and optical properties of solar energy materials and in particular glazing and shading materials for windows.

Benchtop optical equipment includes a normal-incidence spectrophotometer with integrating sphere and a number of special accessories, a variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometer, which can also serve as an in-plane bidirectional spectrophotometer, and a spectrophotometer with full bidirectional goniometric sample robot.

In a specially designed dark room is a large robotic scanning photogoniometer. An integrating sphere 2-meters in diameter can handle large inhomogeneous samples. There is also a shop area for fabrication of special sample holders and other equipment modifications. A new type of angled tube is used for directional-hemispherical measurements in the spectrophotometer

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Carl Jonsson,
Jul 26, 2011, 9:04 AM