For fast measurements of IR emissivity we have a Devices and Services AE1 RD1 emissometer.

It warms up time in 30
minutes after which each measurement takes 90 seconds or less.
At the start of the measurement session the instrument is calibrated using a high (0.88) and low (0.05) reference sample.
To avoid inaccuracy from instrument drift the reference samples should be checked frequently.
The sample must be opaque in the infrared for this method to be accurate.

The data produced by this instrument is a single number of the hemispherical IR emissivity, i.e. the
value that is used in most thermal calculations.

Examples of use
The AE1 RD1 has been used to measure the emissivity of a wide range of aluminum frame materials.
Emissivity of low-E coatings have been measured in agreement with FTIR inter-laboratory comparison.