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Data Conduits

Current data conduits to get scattering data into Windows 6

Status: Working.
Overview: TracePro generates one ASCII file for each of Front/Back and BRDF/BTDF. MATLAB function takes multiple such files and generates XML data.
Vision: TracePro 6 rewrite will include TracePro XMLizer that removes the need of MATLAB.
Documentation: 70% See attached draft.

PabOpto pgII
Status: 3 color data generated, not validated in Window 6.
Overview: pgII text file data interpolated in MATLAB to Klems basis. Assumed isometric to populate all incident directions. More details
Vision: Implemented in Windows6.
Documentation: 80%. See attached draft.

Lambda 950 integrating sphere - normal incidence only
Status: Working.
Overview: 4 measured files (diffuse & specular, R & T) are converted using MATLAB to WINDOW XML format. Diffuse part is Lambertian (constant with AoI) specular component follows clear glass behavior.
Vision: Make diffuse part follow clear glass curve.
Documentation: None.

Lambda 950 integrating sphere - angle tubes
Status: In progress, diffuse+spec function implemented in MATLAB, XML part similar to PabOpto conduit.
Overview: Measurements in Lambda 950. MATLAB to make spectral averages and fill BSDF matrix
Unclear vision: Generate T vs AoI and use polynomial R? Find polynomial from pgII?
Documentation: None, overlapping with PabOpto above on e.g. fillIsometric part.

Arbitrary collaborator
Status: Lack of collaborators
Overview: The pgII method can be applied to any data set consising of BSDF(theta,phi) data points or BSDF(patch_i) data polygons.
Documentation: End part of PabOpto document applicable.

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