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Window5/6 and Optics5

Special mention should be made of our two public programs, Window5/6 and Optics5, which make direct use of optical data from the IGDB or CGDB (W6 only).  A much more complete description of these programs and how to download and update them can be found on the Windows and Daylighting Software page.

Optics5 and Window5/6 share the function of  combining multilayer glazing and/or shading assemblies using a simple ray tracing algorithm. They also share the SpecAve DLL described on this site which performs a variety of basic spectral averaging operations on glazing and window system properties.

Optics5, in addition to the multilayer combination functions, allows new glazing types to be calculated from measured component data.

Window5 has additional nonoptical functions and can perform a completer heat-transfer calculation of the window including glazing system and frame. Part of this calculation requires another optical property, namely the emittance in the thermal infrared, which also comes from the IGDB.

Window6 includes a major optical extension of Window5 to complex light scattering and light redirecting glazing types. The Virtual  Goniospectrometer described here can be used to create complex "layers" for the CGDB and Window6. There are various ways to get complex optical data into Window6 (and Radiance and other programs). They are described on the Data Conduits subpage.